Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day?

Bring In Your Parents Day is an event focused on helping your parents understand what you do in your career, and also an opportunity to say thanks for their part in your success.

We're encouraging everyone to get involved in Bring In Your Parents Day this year, from inviting your parents into your workplace to interacting with them on social media.

This is the sixth year of Bring In Your Parents Day, and thousands of employees and parents around the world have already taken part. Don't miss out on the chance to get involved this year.

When will it be held?

This year LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day will take place on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Why are we doing it?

LinkedIn's Bring In Your Parents Day ran for the fifth time last year and was a huge success. This year is going to be bigger, bringing even more parents and professional children together in the world of work!

LinkedIn is about engaging with and building your professional network, as well as giving you access to knowledge, insights and opportunities. Parents are often overlooked as a source of information when it comes to our careers, so we miss out on the great guidance and insight they can offer.

We want to highlight the value and wisdom they hold and ensure employees see the benefits of turning to parents for professional advice. At the same time, we want to ensure employees have the opportunity to say “Thank You” to their parents for all of the support they have given so far.

I took part last year, why should I get involved again?

Since launching six years ago, Bring In Your Parents has grown into a movement, with 2017 being the most successful year yet. We want to make this year’s event even bigger and better.

Have you changed careers or roles? Is there a new project you're excited about? Bring In Your Parents Day is a great way to keep them up-to-date.

Bringing your parents in isn't the only way you can celebrate Bring In Your Parents Day this year. Why not arrange a video chat or phone call to your parents from your workplace on the day? You could also Instagram or tweet your thanks to your parents using the #BIYP hashtag, or share some of their best advice on LinkedIn.

Participating for another year shows you are an employer committed to ensuring employees feel supported and happy in their workplace. Bringing parents to the workplace offers staff the opportunity to showcase the work they have been doing and we know parents love a chance to show how proud they are. Participating in the day again also gives staff who couldn’t take part previously the chance to get involved.

How do I get involved?

From taking part in the online conversation through to actually bringing your parents into your office, participation can be as big or small as you like – we want everyone to have the opportunity to get involved in Bring In Your Parents Day 2018.

To encourage your business to sign up, let your boss or colleagues know about the day and get them excited about bringing their parents in on November 16th. How you do that is up to you depending on the size and structure of your company. We’ve created some useful resources available in our toolkit which will help you plan your event. The toolkit includes a poster to put up in the office, ideas for activities to run on the day, and an invite template to send out to parents.

We have put together a suggested schedule to guide you through the day. How you structure the day is up to you but inviting parents for the last 1-2 hours of the day would mean it's not too disrupting. You can find helpful promotional resources on the site. We want to help make the event as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Remember to sign up to let us know that you’re taking part.

If your company isn't taking part then don't worry, there's lots of other ways you can celebrate the day:

  • Regardless of whether your parents are coming in, why not Instagram, tweet or post on LinkedIn 'what your parents think you do' using #BIYP. Or you can get involved in the conversation by sharing some of their best advice.
  • Arrange a video or audio call to your parents from your workplace on the day.
  • Take your parent(s) for lunch and invite them into the office to have a look around afterwards (remember to check with your employer!).

If I don’t have parents, or they can’t come, can I still get involved in the event?

Of course! Regardless of whether your parents are coming in, you can still join in on Bring In Your Parents Day via a video call or interacting on social media by tweeting or Instagramming using #BIYP, or of course, posting on LinkedIn.

How big will the day be?

This is a global event with events taking place across the globe. Let us know that you want to get involved by signing up here.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Registration and participation are both free. The rest is up to you, depending on how you shape your program. We’ll provide you with a toolkit to get started.