Our Bring In Your Parents Toolkit

Need a poster? A checklist? Get what you need to run your event.

  • Promotional poster

    Use this handy poster template to promote the day internally with employees and remind them to invite their parents

  • Invite for parents

    If your parents aren’t big on email or social media, use this letter template to invite your parents to your office.

  • Logos

    Feel free to take the Bring In Your Parents logo and drop onto your materials for the big day. We created it for everyone to use.

  • BIYP in a box

    Consider this your secret weapon for pulling off an impressive day and making it look easy.

  • Schedule

    We created this schedule based on the positive feedback we received last year. Adjust as you see fit – it’s only a guide.

  • Checklist

    This handy checklist provides tips for the day and planning in the months and weeks leading up.